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RWL Documents

In this section of the website you can find general documents relating to the development of the Real World Learning Network. These are supporting documents to the main outcomes of the Network.

Baseline Research - a baseline report on outdoor learning in Europe.

Interim Report - project report to the EU.

Methods and Models - outline description of outdoor learning methods and models.

Behaviour Change - research on behaviour change models and outdoor learning.

Working Group Report and Recommendations - this document summarises the work of the RWL Working Groups and their recommendations for outdoor learning.

RWL Guidance Notes - the FSC has developed internal guidance for staff applying the RWL model in their teaching.

Common Cause - ANU with the support of WWF Germany has translated the Handbook and presentation of the research institute PIRC (to support the application of the RWL hand model concerning values and frames)

We have published details of all RWL partner meetings here.