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How do we learn outdoors?

Working Group 3 is reviewing a range of approaches to Real World Learning and outdoor science with a focus on linking learning to behavioural change promoting action for sustainability.

We are focusing on methods and models that promote behaviour change. We are working with national experts and outdoor learning providers to produce a draft list of models and methods suitable for outdoor learning by the end of June. During the summer we will be exploring which behaviour change models are appropriate for outdoor learning and identify the components of behavioural change that could be relevant to outdoor learning. We also would try to look beyond outdoor learning field and hope we will find some new models and explore whether we can apply them to outdoor learning.

We would like to give opportunities for anybody interested in the subject to input into our work. If you want to take part in developing the list of models and methods and exploring behaviour change please contact us. It is important that our working group includes also practical examples, not just theoretical theories. When we finish our research we will look for good practice case studies. Our common aim is to spread ideas of good practice across the countries, including a range of models and methods. We would like to start our work in September and introduce some interesting examples during the Slovenian conference in November. If you have good practice case studies then please let us know.

During our work we would like to encourage open dialogue and debate on our results. As soon as any draft research is completed it should be put onto RWL website to allow everybody to comment on. We will be adding also other resources connected to our subject.

Thursday, September 18, 2014