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Exploring Values

Working Group 4 is exploring how outdoor science can support green careers. We are researching which values and competences will help young people play an active role in the green economy. For us the green economy means all jobs, not just those traditionally seen as being green.

We want to provide young people and teachers with a list of the competences which they will need for a successful career in a sustainable future. Over the past year we have been developing this list through workshops, group work, dialogue with experts, and online surveys. We continue to analyze our list, are in the process of categorisation and are now looking to create a model through which the presentation of these values and competences is clear and easy to understand.

We have developed three possible model styles, creating draft models in order to seek constructive feedback.   These can be further explored here: three models and values & frames.

Three competencies models

Working Group 4 consists of members from six different European countries. We work in collaboration with experts from within our countries and from across the rest of Europe and the world. 

While we recognize that our work is a small part within a very large and complex picture we are extremely passionate about reflecting and acting on the importance of outdoor learning in values and green competency development. In order to make this a meaningful and productive process we are extremely interested in your thoughts, experiences and opinions.

How we work (WG4)

Once you have read and reflected on the following short pieces on ‘Values and frames in Outdoor Learning’ and ‘The world of green competences models’ we would be hugely grateful if you would join us in this journey by offering feedback to help us continue and develop this important work.

Why join us, why share your opinion?

  • To ensure that outdoor learning is well represented across Europe.
  • Because you are passionate about outdoor learning.
  • To contribute to improving the delivery of outdoor learning.
  • To have the opportunity for networking.
  • To keep up to date with the latest news and research.
  • To improve yourself and career.

Thursday, September 18, 2014