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Frames and Stories

We are surrounded by frames. When we hear the word ‘nature’, subconsciously a bundle of different memories, emotions and values are activated. Such associations, often leading to strong narratives under the surface of our awareness, are called ‘frames’.

Placing frames in the centre of a Real World Learning experience has two significant purposes: 1. Frames act like a guiding light for teachers and learners, allowing self-directed learning to occur without getting lost. 2. Frames provide a deeper meaning for the learner, revealing single facts as parts of a bigger story.

Imagine you are working on a river keeping in mind the frame ‘Small changes can have a big impact’. Ask your learners to experience this idea; e.g. they might change the water flow by removing a stone. Encourage them to transfer this finding to other areas of their own life and to consider its relevance in terms of care for nature. Although the process of learning is quite open, you know where you are heading for and your learners feel that this outdoor experience might be much more meaningful for their lives than just ‘learning something about rivers’.

Full text about Frames and Stories find here. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014