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What are green careers?

Working Group 4 is exploring how outdoor science can support green careers. We are researching which competencies and values will help young people play and active role in the green economy. For us the green economy means all jobs, not just those traditionally seen as being green.

Working Group 4 started its journey at the beginning of November 2012 in Margam, Wales. We spent 5 days in Wales, successfully planned our work, got to know each other and laid foundations for the work ahead. We also set the base for the programme on the RWL conference, which was successfully carried out in Slunakov in the Czech Republic in January 2013. At the conference we gathered many opinions, suggestions and comments, which were very important to us, and consequently our work went even smoother after the conference. The conference also gave many new working experiences to all the members of the working group.

The members communicate and debate regularly by means of Skype conferences. We try to be as topical, effective and coordinated as possible. Currently we are working intensely on making a list of green competencies, which are currently being sent for external consultation. We are looking for a suitable model to present the green competencies. We would like to present the list to experts in a variety of fields (education, university education, business), and their opinion will be very important for our future work. One reason this will be important is because the opinions will be gained from different European countries. The members of the working group also function as some kind of “ambassadors” for the project, who are trying to represent the project as well as possible and to explain its tasks and goals in our respective countries.

Our next task is finalising a useful list of green competences. Then we would like to present a model of Green Career Profile and show as many best practice examples of this as possible. We would also like to test the successfulness of our work on RWL conference in Slovenia, which some members of our working group will attend, (although in different roles).

Thursday, September 18, 2014