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Green Careers

A range of green career profiles were developed to help exemplify how a ‘green economy’ can include any jobs in which green career competences and values are employed. They are designed to offer inspiration to the reader by offering a breadth of career backgrounds from across Europe.

Through developing a ‘green careers’ competences list the Real World Learning partners have in the process tackled the widely used concept of ‘green jobs’. In this context the term ‘green careers’ is understood to reach far beyond the narrow view of jobs in the ‘green sector’, recognising the possibility for all people to develop their thinking and action for sustainability in their working lives. This is exemplified in the Green Career Profiles.

Please explore the green career profiles below for inspiration:

Bag Designer and Maker (Italy)

Outdoor Educator (Slovenia)

Shepherd (Wales)

Systems Officer (Italy)

Junior Doctor (Germany)

Campus Assistant (Hungary)

Master Builder (Czech Republic)

Web Developer (England)